Pak A Sak Drive Thru Services

Pak A Sak Drive Thru Services. Did you know in the drive-thru you are able to get anything in the store? We also cater to walk-in customers as well. The inventory will include a wide array of candy and snacks and other items, but some products, such as canned soups, will be limited to best-sellers, and a Tea Bar will be offered. 

Pak A Sak Drive Thru Services West Texas

We love our quick and convenient drive-thru stores and you will to! Did you know that you can order anything in our store through the drive-thru window? How cool! Pak-A-Sak Stores are large, upscale stores featuring drive-thru services. Shoppers who pulled up to the drive-thru can view a mini convenient store, complete with a six-door beverage cooler holding a sample of everything in the 5,000-square-foot building’s main cold vault. “People are impressed with how much we offer inside these stores.” We’re educating our customers that they can buy anything offered in the store through the drive-thru.

Pak a Sak Convenient Stores Amarillo Texas