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Get all the Perks!

Get all the Perks!


Earn points for each purchase* and use those points for FREE ITEMS like gallons of milk, fuel discounts, Energy Drinks, candy and so much more!


Clubs reward you based on purchase frequency.
Fountain & Coffee Club- Purchase 5 get 1 Free.
Hunt Brothers Pizza Club- Purchase 7 get 1 Free.


Receive discounts based on exclusive Pak Perks member only offers. Get age verified within your profile and view the 21+ offers.

Fuel Savings

When you pay with Pak Pay, you are eligible to everyday fuel discounts in addition to the fuel rewards you get from points! Save 5¢ on every gallon when you pay with Pak Pay plus save an additional 5¢ per gallon on Tuesdays. Pak Pay is an upgrade to Pak Perks that lets you securely pay with your Pak Pay Card or the Pak Perks mobile app. Simply link your Pak Perks account to your checking account to enable debit transactions and start saving today.

*Gift cards,  coupon books & stamp purchases do not earn rewards points. Fuel discounts and rewards are limited to 40 gallons/fill-up. Fuel purchases earn 2 points per gallon up to 40 gallons.

pak perks

Pak-A-Sak’s loyalty program, is offering you rewards, free product, exclusive offers and discounts on Fuel! Simply download and register through the Pak Perks app.


Is a payment option that allows you to simply link your bank account to your Pak Perks account to make purchases using the app OR Pak Perks card. Register with a physical card (following the instructions with the card), or simply download and register through the Pak Perks app.

Note: The daily fuel discounts are only given when paying with Pak Pay.



Download Apple iOS Pak Perks App
Download Android Pak Perks App

How PakPay Works

To receive the Pak Pay fuel price, link your checking account to your Pak Perks profile. It works like your debit card using a secure PIN code. In addition to earning fuel rewards with Pak Perks points, Pak Pay members save 5¢ everyday and an additional 5¢ on Tuesdays. Rewards discounts can stack for UNLIMITED cents off per gallon!!

*Daily fuel discounts are only given when paying with Pak Pay. Pay using your Pak Perks + Pak Pay card OR use the Payment button within the app.

Having trouble? Contact Customer Support at 800-678-7552 or email


Current Pak Perks members:

1) In the app, tap the menu option in the upper left-hand corner.

3) Enter personal info including bank account and routing number.

2) Click on profile.

Then find ‘Payment Registration’.

4) Enjoy savings every day when you pay with Pak Pay!

New Pak Perks Members:

Simply complete Pak Perks registration and continue to add payment when prompted.


Card Users:

Swipe your Pak Perks +Pak Pay card and enter your pin number when prompted.

App Users:

Push the PAY button at the bottom of your app. Select Pay at register or FUEL at pump. Enter your pin number when prompted.

Don’t know your pin or have questions?
Call 800-678-7552 for help.



Pak-A-Sak Rewards members receive special offers inside the store. It’s easy- enter your phone number on the pin pad or use your Pak Perks app to pay to receive member pricing. Check out all the deals, including 21+ offers in the ‘DEALS’ section of the app. Elect to see age restricted content and verify your age in your profile to see 21+ offers.



There’s more to Pak Perks than fuel discounts. Earn points with every* purchase and select any of the below items from the Redeem Points section on the home page of your app. Once confirmed, your reward item will show up under My Rewards or in your ‘Wallet’.

* Gift cards, coupon books & stamp purchases do not earn rewards points



Check out all the PERKS when you register for Pak Perks + Pak Pay

Pak Perks Membership Perks Chart


Not tech-savvy? Pick up a card from any Pak-a-Sak location to get started.


Not tech-savvy? Pick up a card from any Pak-a-Sak location to get started.



How do I get a Pak Perks +Pak Pay card?2023-07-04T06:05:03+00:00

It’s not required, but you can pick up a card from any Pak-A-Sak location, then create an account. If you are already a member, please add the card to your existing account. If you are not a Pak Pay member, you do not need a physical card.

How do I keep track of my progress?2023-07-04T06:05:56+00:00

Find your Points, Rewards, Fuel Rewards, Pak Dollars and Clubs all within the Wallet button on your Pak Perks app. You can also view the Deals section for all in-store and 21+ offers.

How do I know if I have rewards?2023-07-04T06:06:45+00:00

Click on the Redeem Points button within your app to find ‘My Rewards’. You can also find your rewards within the wallet of your app.

How do I redeem rewards?2023-07-04T06:08:01+00:00

Click on the Redeem Points button within your app and select rewards catalogue. Select the qualifying reward you want by hitting the + button. Once selected, you will be asked to confirm your choice. Rewards expire after 30 days. Points do not expire, so be sure to spend your points once you’re ready to redeem the reward.

I forgot to enter my phone number on my last visit. Can I still get credit for that purchase?2023-07-04T06:10:07+00:00

Unfortunately, we cannot credit transactions to your account after the fact.

How do I get the Pak Pay fuel price?2023-07-04T06:10:32+00:00

In order to get the Pak Pay fuel price advertised on our sign, you must pay with Pak Pay. You can sign up for this feature by linking your checking account to your Pak Perks account. It works like your debit card using a secure PIN code. Download the app to create an account or login to add Pak Pay.

Is Pak Pay secure?2023-07-27T23:49:23+00:00

Your security is our priority. To ensure your protection, our Pak Pay program is managed by ZipLine, a leading private label debit processor employing state-of-the-art firewall and other comprehensive security methods in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Federal Reserve. All personal data is encrypted in real time, and every transaction is PIN protected. ZipLine monitors and limits exposure to fraud, so you’ll never be held liable for unauthorized transactions.

Why Can’t I link my credit or debit card instead of checking account?2023-07-04T06:11:57+00:00

You can use your Pak Perks phone number and pay with any method you prefer. However, the Pak Pay program requires a checking account to make ACH transactions. By linking your checking account to your Pak Perks account, this saves on credit card processing fees. Pak-A-Sak returns those savings to you in the form of a discounted fuel price.

How do I update my checking account information?2023-07-04T06:12:34+00:00

To make changes to your Pak Pay account, call Card Member Services at 877-403-2222.

Can I share my account with someone or add another card to my account?2023-07-04T06:13:38+00:00

Rewards programs are based at an individual level, you are not able to have multiple rewards cards earning towards the same rewards account.

If you’ve added payment to your account, you may have multiple rewards cards associated with a single checking account.

I need help with my account or I’m getting an error message. Who can I contact?2023-07-27T23:50:57+00:00

Please contact our Member Services Team if you need help with your Pak Perks account. 800-678-7552. You’re also welcome to email and include the following information associated with your card: Name, Phone number, email address, Loyalty ID number (found at the top of your ‘wallet’) and/or Pak Pay card number.

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