Convenience stores have now become more convenient. Just popping into the corner store to get a few things without enduring a long grocery store line wasn’t convenient enough. Now they will happily get it for you while you sit in your car listening to Blake Shelton and reading Facebook on your smartphone. “Uh, yeah, could I get some toilet paper, a 44-ounce cherry coke, some kitty litter, and a quart of oil…Oh, and a Slim Jim, too.” “I just won’t hardly use a drive-thru — one or two cars in front of me, I won’t use it,” Dale McKee said. “But there’s definitely a huge market in drive-thrus. You see it in every industry.” McKee founded the first Pak-A-Sak convenience stores in Amarillo. His son Brian began pushing for drive-thrus as long as seven years ago when observing long lines at certain stores while inside it would be almost empty.